14 thoughts on “Belted

  1. Is the top one you? Cause It’s definitively the prettiest!

  2. I found it!

    Also – thanks for the like, Sadie! I’m still learning WordPress, but I adore your site!

  3. Love the simplicity and casualness of the third picture! All gorgeous!

  4. Lindsay says:

    I love this look… hope to pull it off some day!

  5. Jess says:

    I love the pictures you’ve added here, they’re so effortless and natural!
    Thanks for liking my blog btw, appreciate the support.

    Jess x

  6. Diet Drop says:

    LOVE it! Belts are such a great accessories. My personal Everest would be to learn how to wear belts with jackets and coats. I remember scene from the Sex in the City (1st movie) when Miranda was supposed to meet her husband at the bridge, she wore short jacket with wide belt over it, so elegant and stylish! :)

  7. Samantha Perez says:

    you can never go wrong with a belt! i live off them!

  8. rained0ll says:

    I love these pics! Beautiful spring ideas for belts!

  9. Styln says:

    Great looks! I love a good belt!

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