Puppy Love


21 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. They are so sweet and pretty! Great photos!

  2. Since we have only the one foster dog, in our pictures you just delete one dog and insert a person! :-)

  3. great photography and really cute pups there! I had a look through and you have some amazing posts! Thanks for liking a recent post of mine! Best to you, incidentallearner

  4. susank456 says:

    What sweet babies!

  5. Oh my! Gorgeous puppies! They’re so sweet together.

  6. marabellav says:

    Great site! Pictures are so cute! Keep the great blogging up :)

  7. These are absolutely beautiful pictures!

  8. nuresma says:

    Oh, these are so cute! I’m thinking about getting a brother for my pug. These images of your dogs together are just heartwarming!

  9. Love!!! Thank you for sharing…such pure Joy! xo

  10. moresequinsplease says:

    They are soooo gorgeous!!!!!

  11. Mrs Marvel says:

    My dog and cat cuddle like this – the cat is bigger than the dog ha ha.

  12. woven decor says:

    The best dog we ever had was a little female pit / chow cross we rescued from the pound. She lived to be 17 and was wonderful with our sons who were little at the time. They grew up together.

  13. Samantha Perez says:

    absolutely adorable! they are beautiful!


  14. OMGosh to cute to even comment!!

  15. Styln says:

    Such beautiful dogs! Dem r sooo cute together!!

  16. I love seeing dogs snuggle like this, our two prefer some space between them and rarely share the same bed or mat. Beautiful images.

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