25 thoughts on “Glitz

  1. Love the details in these dresses, so exquisite!

  2. Louise says:

    Makes me want to get married again, just for the dresses.

    On a separate note, love the simplicity and rhythm of your post format.

  3. tutankhamon61 says:


  4. shiroknowes says:

    Sooo beautiful, if I wear these when I married they put me on the frontpage of Voque !

  5. thelittleloves says:

    so beautiful, especially the first one!

  6. Tippy Hung says:

    Can this be my wedding dress? :D

  7. ntexas99 says:

    that first photo is stunning! so beautiful.

    love how the photo captures the detail, her shape, and accentuates her waist.

  8. Karyl says:

    Reblogged this on I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff and commented:
    Wedding dresses – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

  9. fashionblogy says:

    So in love with all the details on the dresses. Perfect wedding dresses for a very romantic wedding.

  10. The detail on the back of that first dress is just amazing.

  11. magsx2 says:

    Wow, very nice indeed. :)

  12. nathaliedls says:

    fancy! i like

  13. So detailed..loving it!

  14. I would choose a dress like any of these if I was getting married again! Love!

  15. robincoyle says:

    the back of the top dress leaves me breathless

  16. Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award ;) See the link below for details!

  17. Modern Funk says:

    We just added you to our fave links. :)

  18. Wow, so pretty and fragile looking :D

  19. asavarisharma says:

    omg. this is so beautiful.
    i love it.
    thanks for likin my post earlier. join my blog too. thanks!!

  20. These are gorgeous! Love how back details are back in fashion right now!

  21. minapeartree says:

    Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!

  22. lauranotor says:

    These gowns are so divine!

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