Open Shelving


30 thoughts on “Open Shelving

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love this post! I’ve been trying to find the best shelving to install in my new apartment for kitchen storage. I want something affordable and minimalist. Any suggestions?

  2. You are after my soul with these images.

  3. Love these images, great pictures and lovely kitchens!

  4. very nice; I like the way the artwork is incorporated in the second image

  5. World Is My Garden says:

    I so love the open shelves look! Thanks for the great images. :)

  6. Oh, those jars are lovely. What is it with jars? Their uniformity of shape, texture, and color? Their utility? All of it? Love this, xo.

  7. cindy bechtold says:

    I’m sorry, but is anyone really that damn organized??? have a good day Sadie!

  8. nrflotteron says:

    love the idea of open shelving…forces you to stay organized!!!!

  9. It reminds us of “Little House on the Prarie” @ the Olsen’s general store…Jelly jars as far as the eye could see! Adore it, XX ~ Trèsors De Luxe

  10. tinyinc says:

    I am so envious of those rows of neatly stacked jars!!

  11. agoodehouse says:

    Nice photos! I love open shelving and I have a few… it always looks so modern and convenient but I wonder when you look at these gorgeous homes how much the owners have to dust! HA HA! You have to have some really pretty things to bravely display like that. (sigh!). I still swoon, big time. Thanks for the “like” on a recent post. Great blog.

  12. yummiebite says:

    Love the spacious, clean look! Favorite is the first photo :)

  13. samotako1 says:

    Reblogged this on Samo Tako and commented:
    An obsessive compulsive dream.

  14. clairashley says:

    Open shelving is actually very pretty, when done right. I love the clean photo’s that showcase it!

  15. They say great minds think alike.
    The other day I started writing about open shelves in Kitchens. It’s still in draft form.
    I liked your post, and you beat me too it! I just might have to reblog this.

  16. I’d LOVE to have SOME open shelving. I have way too much stuff to get away with being fully open-shelf. Le sigh…

  17. youngfoodish says:

    That’s not a kitchen. That’s a Pottery Barn catalogue.

  18. Molly says:

    I loooove open shelving! That first picture is gorgeous.

  19. Love open shelving. Sure wish someone had thought about the electrical receptacles in the second shot, though. It’s such a pretty kitchen! Nice post!

  20. I love displaying things neatly on shelves in my room :) These are really nice! I love it!! Photography and Interior design all in one… My two favorite hobbies :) thanks for sharing!

  21. Deena says:

    my heart goes thump. love the idea of open shelving.

  22. jmnpixels says:

    I must admit, I have a ‘thing’ about open shelving — great for catching a lot of dustand is not for us house-proud people ! However, having said that, my fave is the second pic; it’s really inviting.

  23. OMG I just ove an open shelf kitchen but i m sure it gets really dusty !!! I am in the process of day dreaming my own house and I would hate to have installed cupboards on the top part of my kitchen walls !!! Love your blog !! happy blogging xoxo

  24. […] (like this, and this, and this), and DEFINITELY open cupboards! And, judging from the comments on Sadie & Dasie, I am not alone in this love of […]

  25. Outfit44 says:

    I dream of a white kitchen and open shelving. It helps when all your wears are uniformed – it makes you want to “hang out” in your kitchen.

    Mona (formerly The Style Stamp. Now moved to Outfit44.blogspot)

  26. Outfit44 says:

    Yikes! Major spelling error……..I meant to type “….when all your WARES are uniformed”……not “wears”……LOL

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