30 thoughts on “Neon

  1. RichardB1001 says:

    nice use of color as a unifying theme. thank you for sharing.

  2. epreuve says:

    lovely necklace!

  3. Absolutely love that neon yellow skirt!

  4. Bodhi du Jour says:

    I love the table linens….they make it look so summery bright! Beautiful selection.


  5. Abrielle Valencia says:


  6. I agree. Neon is back! (And I lived through it previously, lol) My favourite shirt right now is black and white striped with a neon pink colour blocking.

  7. I love Tom Binns’ jewellery!… highlighted here on my blog, if you’re interested!

    Thanks for sharing this great trend!

  8. Love your post today, love the neon comeback!

  9. Love love love love love neon!

  10. Great injections of fabulous shots of color!

  11. robincoyle says:

    Could you mail me that necklace?

  12. aprilgia says:

    Great pics! Neon has been such a fun trend! Hope is stays around for a bit!

  13. cea green says:

    that necklace is beyond. it is stunning. i won’t even ask where to find it, because it is ever so clearly out of my price range. thank you for the post, i have been thinking about posting about the neon trend, as well! xoxo

  14. Isn’t that neon green the best- I am obviously a little obsessed..

  15. I love the necklace <3

  16. cottagetoys says:

    Love your blog!! Such gorgeous pictures. I want that Tom Binns necklace.

  17. Charlsie says:

    I’m loving neon right now. Especially the whole neon/neutral thing! It’s so much fun to play with.

  18. heidi says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i love your social media tags at the end of every post–would you care sharing your trick? i am dying to know!

  19. glamaross says:

    I love your blog! I love the neon. Im in Hong Kong and the sun is shining today, and thanks to you, I’m going to be wearing dash of neon.. xo

  20. Paws To Talk says:

    Reminds us of the tennis ball we like to play with:)
    Bella and DiDi

  21. shiroknowes says:

    Hello, compliments for your great blog ! I nominated you for ” The Versatile Blogger award” ! (Check out the rules at my website ! xoxo:)

  22. gabyjpena says:

    LOVE the necklace! awesome blog <3

  23. Kimba Kay says:

    Now I have John Mayers song Neon stuck in my head :) Love it

  24. vrdixson says:

    Love the table setting!

  25. simplethymeprims says:

    Just awesome!….surprisingly this is a striking color that coordinates well.

  26. timruane24 says:

    Girl in the Yellow skirt is fab.

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