22 thoughts on “Ladders

  1. mondrak says:

    You know you want to get on one and push yourself as fast as possible ;-)

  2. rumpydog says:

    I don’t like ladders…. I’m afraid of heights.

    Now how did you get your notify of follow-up comments button to default to unchecked?

  3. I pinned the middle on. Ladder Envy Extremis

  4. I want a ladder like that in my own library!! :-)

  5. I always wanted a ladder like that in my library! I love ladder’s in libraries :)

  6. sojung lee. says:

    being only 5 feet tall, a ladder would be wonderful in ALL of the rooms in my home!

  7. nrflotteron says:

    I love this post!

  8. ladders are truly my answer as i am barely 5’3… i am wondering how/where you got these. all are stunning photos and inspiring too. also thanks for the “like”:)

  9. Monica says:

    This kitchen is perfect and stunning and so tidy – it couldn’t be mine, not even in my dreams!

  10. magsx2 says:

    Great photos, I could certainly have some fun with the ladders. ;)

  11. I’m doing a project in a bar at the moment and I’m putting in a ladder on the bar table so thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Oh when will I have a ladder of my own!!! Dream, dream, dream… :)

  13. helensadornmentsblog says:

    I can think of several places I could use these ladders. Great ideas.

  14. I’ve been wanting to put a single-sided ladder next to my bed for things like a nightgown, scarves, belts, etc…. Sort-of like a catch-all for my things instead of them landing on the floor. :)

  15. I have a thing for ladders…so thanks fo this. And dogs

  16. Nastasja says:

    Oh my, a dream house! A dream kitchen! This will be my home, when I grow up, finish my studies and things that belong to getting such house. :D High walls give you an impression of huge place and space around you. And you can climb up those walls, too.

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