20 thoughts on “Leather

  1. Our younger daughter has a very similar leather jacket that she picked up at a thrift store in the UK some years ago. My husband loves the leather shorts. :-)

  2. Beauty Temptress says:

    Always loved leather pants, they make any top look glamorous :)

  3. Jessica says:

    Your first picture caught my eye; the combination of the feminine dress with the tough-looking leather jacket looks awesome!
    Unfortunately, with my current income, my version of this post would be “pleather”. ;)

  4. jenniferhazard says:

    Love the polka-dot dress. Do you know who makes it… or where to find it? Thanks!

  5. Love the leather shorts!!!

  6. IWANT that leather jacket!!

  7. Leather <3…I would give up half of my scarf for a pair of good leather pants!

  8. I’ve been obsessed with leather jackets! I love the shorts.

  9. designtrolls says:

    Love the first image, the combination between the soft and feminine polka dot dress is perfect with the rough and masculine look of the leather jacket. Will put this in my “remember it” box for later inspiration :) *M*

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  12. Nice, smart combination for the polka and leather! The shorts are simply sexy!

  13. Shoe Closzet says:

    I love love love this post! I love how you paired the leather with softer items…great job

  14. Alice says:

    Not such a big fan of leather, but I adore the dress in the first picture – SO pretty! Alice :)

  15. sheokhanda says:

    wow irina shayk looks so hot in those leather pants….. Cristiano Ronaldo is one lucky b*****d..

  16. jmnartsy says:

    That dress and jacket would do me nicely, thank you! Those shorts are really cool too!

  17. nlcorner says:

    That second picture is Ashley Madekwe, and those shorts are from Topshop as I have them and love them!

  18. essentjewels says:

    I am in need of one of these leather jackets, btw, great pictures you selected!!!

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