Bike Style


20 thoughts on “Bike Style

  1. latestwithVR says:

    I really like the first pic. It’s very cute and flirty.

  2. nrflotteron says:

    Love all the pictures!

  3. My fave is the 1st pic. Great denim shorts and simple tee. Young and cute! X

  4. thiara says:

    I love this! Just got my cool new bike a few weeks back, can’t wait to ride it! Hopefully I can manage to look cute, like the lovely ladies in these shots!

  5. jazzbeer says:

    I love bike style ,simple and beautiful

  6. Love your blog style! Beautiful posts!

  7. Adrienne says:

    That bike shelf is amazing! Right now we just have our bikes hanging in the den with regular garage bike racks. The shelves would look much nicer! Love the photos.

  8. Ariana Neala says:

    Love that bike shelf! Ingenious!

  9. Yup, I need a cute bike like these for sure!! That bike bookshelf is adorable!!

  10. Thanks for the like on my recent post, and I’m glad I decided to check out your blog in return. I love the simplicity and visual elements. Happy to be a new follower!

  11. Dreambles says:

    I am not brave enough to ride my bike in a skirt without leggings. Yet. Awesome pics.

  12. Cashmere says:

    I want to buy a bike and be this way beautiful!!!!!:)

  13. Kristyn says:

    Love this post. Where I’m working this summer requires me to ride a bike, so it’s nice to see that I can still look trendy haha!

  14. keepnupwithj says:

    I’m pretty obsessed with the first outfit! :)

  15. In my imagination I have a bike, In real life I’m terrified it’ll kill me.

  16. The bike shelf has such clean lines. it reminds me of the Quaker(?) idea of hanging chairs on the walls when not needed.

  17. I love bikes and your photos!

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