41 thoughts on “Popsicles

  1. These are an absolute delight in the sweltering heat over here…

  2. 7dmichael says:

    Those look good! Great presentation and colors.

  3. shiroknowes says:

    Jummy frozen, I like them all !

  4. mondrak says:

    Makes me feel colder lol. The do look lovely though. I prefer the first ones. Nicer to have a drink I think than chocolate or ice lollies. (Can’t tell I’m a male can you? LOL)

  5. They look great!! Please serve me one!! ;)

  6. Kimba Kay says:

    Thats what I need to do this summer. Make my own fruit popsicles

  7. Our Mummy puts veggies, and salad in ice cubes for us to lick and enjoy in the Summer. This reminds us of those and means whee wish Summer would come and it would stop raining all the time.

    Very nice pictures though!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  8. asavarisharma says:


  9. Askmystyle says:

    These look delish!!!

  10. PROVAIL says:

    Seattle’s been having a “heat wave” (we broke 80 degrees the other day!) so these pops look delightful!

  11. latestwithVR says:

    The foodie in me is in love with this post ;-0

  12. elegantparis says:

    everything looks yummy!

  13. Cool! Now if it would only stop raining and the temperature would get above 13 degrees C!

  14. Andrea says:

    Loce popsicles and these look great!

  15. These look super yummy! I’ve made popsicles, but they’d never look this pretty.

  16. You just made me so thirsty! Beautiful colors, love it!

  17. Dariya says:

    Hi, I like the way you sort your pictures and the format: 3 -perfect! Thank yo ufor sharing. dariya

  18. Paws To Talk says:

    *Licking lips* delicious!
    Bella and DiDi

  19. lushlili says:

    Yummy! Makes me want a sweet treat now :D

  20. Love this, love Popsicles, love Summertime fun!

  21. Alcor says:

    Definitely causing a temperature drop here! When I was a kid, I would walk around sticking out my yellow tongue after having a mango-flavored one. Didn’t that drive my mom nuts!

  22. Ohhh my, now I’m going to want pops all day!!!

  23. Imelda says:

    They look so lovely, I will feel bad about eating them. :-)

  24. seaandswank says:

    These look AMAZING. I’m gonna need a popsicle stat.

    Sea and Swank

  25. Moco Scribe says:

    I looked at these popsicles and literally started drooling. Great photos I could almost taste them : ))

  26. That really looks good. I would love to make those, just need to know how. hahahaha

  27. Is the top photo of bloody mary sorbets? We’re rather fond of them ;-)

  28. Escape2Me says:

    this makes me dribbling hehe :P

  29. Liz says:

    Your photos are gorgeous. Definitely the best-looking popsicles I’ve ever seen. Thanks for stopping by foodforfun’s earthquake pie.

  30. Lele says:

    I’ve never seen Popsicles looking this elegant. great job.

  31. the3archers says:

    The lime twists on the prosecco popsicles take it to the next level. I want to make some popsicles, mostly, so I can tie a twist on the stick and serve it in a shot glass. A truly frozen cocktail.

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