20 thoughts on “Sequins

  1. wow… I love them all!!

  2. What?? No sequined shoes?? When our girls were little, every time they’d see some really tacky shoes with sequins or similar sparklers, they’d say, “Mom, wouldn’t you like those??” Thank goodness they didn’t have any money then!! :-)

  3. LOVE the back on this dress!

  4. Haute Ahimsa says:

    The back of that last dress is gorgeous! Love it.

  5. nrflotteron says:

    So so pretty!

  6. methodpile says:

    I don’t know how but these happen to be the least gaudy and most delicate clothes I’ve seen photographed in a while. Maybe I should give sequins another try as an adult…

  7. I love this shining selection, especially the 3rd dress : it rocks !!! Thank you for liking my “Ron Arad” post !!!

  8. Pierotucci says:

    The second photo is a must have in my book.

  9. I am not a sequins fan, but these are absolutely lovely. The back of the third dress is spectacular.

  10. Jessica says:

    I love the back of the third dress it is just so sexy. I would love to wear it!

  11. Jessica says:

    I love the back of the third dress, it’s just so sexy! I would do almost anything to get to wear that dress!

  12. Chloe says:

    the second photo with the necklace and sequined top is’s almost like the two pieces are a single unit of jewelry!

  13. Love the way the first dress drapes. Pretty sequins, too! Great blog!

  14. LOVE that second top. Where is it from?!

  15. CorkAndSpoon says:

    You can never have too much glitter ;)

  16. narcissista1 says:

    Thank you for celebrating sequins, I love them! Now if only the tiara would have a moment….

  17. Haley says:

    The back of that last dress is lovely!

  18. lucille jones says:

    so cute

  19. that last dress is GORGEOUS.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is very inspiring!

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