18 thoughts on “Khaki

  1. I love the bag. Anyway I’m crazy about bags.:-))

  2. stylegent says:

    awesome bag!

  3. I love the first jacket, but would need it in a different color–something darker or richer. That would leach all the color from my face.

  4. Decofairy says:

    Totally great style!

  5. I love the belt on these jackets. So slimming and stylish. :)
    I”ll take two!

  6. CereusArt says:

    I am drooling over the jacket in the first pic! :)

  7. I love the fist jacket!

  8. Beautiful pics! I love how elegant they look!

  9. pacwp says:

    First off: Fav. blog Ever. Fashion is a passion of mine, I know tacky rhyme there sorry. Your photos are b.e.a.utiful and I am in the middle of convincing my hubby that we need to update our lovely little home, so you have inspired me!

    Secondly: Thank you so much for coming to my corner of the internet on Haiku Blogathon Challenge! I hope you come back again, and leave a comment saying hello!

  10. Lisa says:

    I want that first jacket so bad. So. Bad.

  11. asueba says:

    I love the styling of the first pic….classy and elegant. Very inspiring.

  12. I love the khaki trench and the first jacket would love to see it from front and back views. I am so into jackets spring and fall are so fun because it is so easy to add one to make the look a little more sophistiicated. LOVE it!!

  13. Reblogged this on angelaluvnlife and commented:
    So cute! I love this. I love fabuous jackets. One thing to just make an outfit sophisticated and classy. I love the first jacket and last one soooo cute and i want them both!!

  14. Hi. I nominated you for the blogger´s sunshine award. Take a look

  15. Styln says:

    Great looks! Love, luv the first jacket!

  16. My human loves all that very much =^.^=

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