36 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. jmro98 says:

    Nice pics, like especially the contrast of yellow against almost black and white background…nice fashion shot too…:)

  2. Jennwith2ns says:

    i’m hearing the Coldplay song . . .

  3. Mondrak says:

    I like yellow, it really stands out. You found some really good ones there.

  4. This is gorgeous, love the first pic, that artwork is divine!

  5. Loving the outfit and sunglasses. Beautiful pics!

  6. Yellow is a wonderful color to work with.

  7. I LOVE this set :) And wish I was as cool as that woman…

  8. Sadie – What an eye you have. Each of the photos is burst of yellow to the mind. Each one lifts me up.

  9. simplethymeprims says:

    Yellow speaks sunshine and warmth!..great pics..

  10. janet says:

    I have a shower curtain very similar to the hanging behind the bed in the first photo. It makes me happy every day when I see it. Wish I could wear yellow, but I can’t. Alas, I’ll just have to enjoy it elsewhere…such as here. Thanks for putting a pop of color in my morning.

  11. Boomdeeadda says:

    That’s a very cute little pillow on the sofa, I think that person must have a good sense of humor.

  12. CereusArt says:

    the painting above the bed is divine!

  13. shin says:

    have a lil pop of the color of yellow, essential–

  14. The Domestiquete says:

    Really like that last picture with the yellow couch. Such a fabulous looking room!

  15. Great picks! I like yellow with black. Your blog is lovely – love the stories told by pictures :)

  16. You just gave me power for a day, -vitamin color, love it!

  17. BSS says:

    I look terrible in yellow. Glad others don’t. Thanks for checking out Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries.

  18. Oh the colors are gorgeous! It gives such an amazing light! So bright and happy!

  19. Chloe says:

    love the pop of yellow breaking up the black and white in the last photo. brilliant!!

  20. Best Colors says:

    Sadie, what an amazing power yellow has on me: it evokes thoughts of warmth, fun, cheerfulness, optimism, sunshine in your home and in your heart. Very uplifting!

  21. Love that bedroom! And, thanks for liking my post!

  22. Yellow is so gorgeous!!! so bright and cheerful. It definitely is a color that consistently and reliably affects mood (at least for me!)

  23. I want that woman’s whole outfit. And that painting please. :)

  24. polly says:

    I really love the yellow bedroom

  25. Captivating Lingerie Boutique says:

    I love the spot of yellow in the last photo

  26. Erica says:

    Gorgeous bright yellows! How funny; yesterday I was planting yellow flowers and thinking, “Hm, it’s funny what colors you like for different reasons – I never wear yellow, rarely decorate with it, but like it a bunch for flowers.” But these decorative and fashionable uses of it are striking!

  27. Love that room! I’ve gotten very into yellow this spring, which is unusual for me.

  28. Love the statement yellow couch!

  29. Angeline M says:

    ohhhh, I love that bedroom!

  30. Jessica says:

    The last photo has inspired me to incorporate a bit of yellow into my mostly black decor. I have been looking for a way to inject some color into my husband’s and my living quarters…which used to be his bachelor pad before we got married…hence the black! But the hint of yellow gives color without it being too girly…it looks very chic! :)

  31. Looooove yellow white and black together (especially black and white stripes). I pinned this a while ago, I want everything about it, except the monkey pillow…not lovin that so much!

  32. I love yellow! Buying a house is turning me into a design-freak, too, looking to put yellow in every room!

  33. mamamuhely says:

    That painting! Gorgeous! Who needs coffee anyway when you can have your shot of energy from looking at those flowers!

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