29 thoughts on “Brick

  1. Mondrak says:

    Looks good, but too cold for me.

  2. simplethymeprims says:

    Awesome!…not only brick, but my favorite, beautiful lofts!..enjoy your day..wonderful post!

  3. Architectural interest paired with style! Wonderful photos…

  4. simplethymeprims says:

    Reblogged this on Simple Thyme Prims and commented:
    Beautiful spaces, brick features and wonderful loft spaces.

  5. Photographs by Peter Knight says:

    Lovely space in these pictures!

  6. deesdialogue says:

    I LOVE exposed brickwork…your blog is beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

  7. I have had a strong relationship with brick since I cannot remember. I dream of a brick kitchen.

  8. Wanna drop into that bed and fall asleep instantly…:)! Lovely photo.

  9. I really want to live in the bedroom (1st pic).
    How gorgeous is that space?!
    Even like the giant dust bunny hanging over the bed. :)

  10. Fantastic photos of really great spaces! ;-)

  11. Beautiful site! Love the images. Thanks for stopping by my blog Follow me for more :)

  12. kelseyreinhart says:


  13. dovergirl says:

    That kitchen is ridunculous!

  14. latestwithVR says:

    That bedroom is lovely.

  15. This may seem like a funny thing to say, but the word that always pops into my head when I look at your photos (besides fun, lovely, …) is lucid.

    It is always a pleasure to see what you’ve been up to :)

  16. Hi there, I suppose you’ve nominated many awards before but I nominated you for the versatile blogger award, to show my appreciation for your beautiful pictures.

  17. artchismo says:

    Where is this? I love it!!

  18. Cute! Love this pics! Can’t believe I didn’t like Bricks showing before these. xD

  19. The brick in that kitchen looks so rustic with a modern twist! Love it!

  20. Carla B says:

    I love the bedroom!

  21. barbiejane says:

    Love brick…reminds me of my old place:)!!! Great post!

  22. The hanging light in the first image is heavenly!

  23. olgastorace says:

    Brick walls are clean and not need any painting, a great money saver! Like your pictures!

  24. I love your blog! Thanks you so much for liking my posts. I think yours is very inspiring, thank you for sharing! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award! All my best to you. xoxo Dany

  25. Daniella says:

    Reblogged this on My Love Affair and commented:
    This may just be the most perfect bedroom ever.

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