Bar Carts


23 thoughts on “Bar Carts

  1. seaandswank says:

    i’ve been looking for a bar cart – love these!

    Sea and Swank

  2. I particularly like the second one, although I’d like the chest even if it weren’t being used as a bar cart. :-)

  3. A year-round staple, indeed!

  4. sued51 says:

    The second one is wonderful. I love when people use lovely pieces of furniture and use them in unexpected ways…

  5. sued51 says:

    Ooops…sorry about the typo…I meant to say when people take lovely pieces of furniture and use them in unexpected ways…

  6. frugalnature says:

    I have been dying to find a neat old steamer trunk in good condition like in the 2nd picture!

  7. Reema Siddiqui says:

    How creative!

  8. We have a Jacobian tea trolley with a removable tray that we have been using for nearly 10 years as a drinks cart and everytime people come over they love it. It’s nowhere near as nice as the ones you have shared but it is certainly well stocked! :)
    Cheers, (literally)

  9. rigmover says:

    Hey great idea, I’m going to get one.

  10. Wish we had room for one. Not in our condo anyway. Perhaps the schoolhouse though…

  11. ashliec says:

    love these! i have been looking for an awesome bar cart, sadly to no avail. i actually really like the last one pictured. i’m digging the grungy look.

  12. Lindsey says:

    I love bar carts! Something very classy and fun to add to decor. I have mine in the corner of my living room with vintage glass shakers & decanters

  13. Yes! Bar carts are the best! I’d love something like that in our entryway… thanks for the inspiration.


  14. putneyfarm says:

    Great pics, very cool. Bar carts are kind of art by themselves…

  15. icetealover2 says:

    The middle cart is my favorite one although they are all great looking!

  16. thanks for following my little baby of a blog! i’m on the hunt for a bar cart myself and these provide some great inspiration.

  17. I don’t even drink but this makes me want to go out and set up my own bar cart. Something very ‘grown up’ about it.

  18. Jessica says:

    See? Even people that live in small apartments can own a bar! ;)

  19. 2kdb2 says:

    the last photo is definitely an example of function over form, lol!!! :-)

  20. blissfulfash says:

    I’m loving that second one! I don’t know if I would try this in my home but it’s a great idea!

  21. Some great ideas for my new home! :)

  22. Alcor says:

    Love the wall art behind the first one!

  23. catcstylist says:

    Reblogged this on sweet living newcastle and commented:
    More drink station inspiration.

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