26 thoughts on “Pink

  1. I love the first chandelier!!! ^^

  2. The “pop” of the pink in the two rooms really makes them!

  3. Gorgeous! That bouquet is outstanding.

  4. dovergirl says:

    Pinktastic posting!

  5. Emily says:

    I’d like to move in to the first picture please, we lack awesome lofts where I live!

  6. Pink fridge!! I love these!

  7. frugalnature says:

    That refrigerator! Love it. The woodwork in the last picture is to die for too.

  8. shiroknowes says:

    Love that wooden sealing and that bouquet……………fabulous !!!

  9. Nicole says:

    The bottom picture is my favorite ….. the fireplace and mantle, an over-stuffed chair that says “sit here!,” and exposed beams in the ceiling are spectacular. If I ever build a house (one day – hopefully), I want a sitting room or family room similar to this. Thanks for sharing!

    Nicole @ Three 31

  10. Vinny Grette says:

    Pink is my favorite color! (Sharon’s, not Vinny’s :) )

  11. Vinny Grette says:

    A question: Our living looks like photo #3, but without the curliques on the corners of the wooden beams. I’ve wanted to do something similar, but was told this was not in accordance with the style of the house’s architecture (mid-century modern or Mission). Everything is currently cut square and simple. What do you think?

    • Sadie Smith says:

      My house is VERY eclectic, so I’m a big believer in do what you love and decorate how you want see it everyday. (I know a lot of people will disagree with that, but that’s what I do, so if you want detailed wooden accents, I say go for it:)

  12. Hi Sadie, thanks for reading my blog. You post some very nice images, so I’m following you to see more in the future. MMxx

  13. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I love how it just pops again a neutral palette.

  14. 9to5couture says:

    Thank You for checking out! I’m really digging your blog. Your blog’s design really makes the photo’s pop!

  15. @somefactory says:

    Sorry, I’m multi-tasking here. Thanks for liking one of my posts, and I really enjoy your selection of themes!

  16. Alex K says:

    I love the last picture, just gorgeous!

  17. Bokkchoy says:

    Reblogged this on BokkChoy and commented:
    I would love my place to look like this but my fiancé would just die lol.

  18. The pink makes those heavy beams work! Great interior.

  19. Julianna says:

    Oh goodness… I don’t ever think of myself as a girly-girl (meaning “liking pink”) – but these totally hit the spot for me! Guess I need to embrace my inner pink! Thanks for boosting my spirits with these gorgeous visuals…what a treat!

  20. Laurin says:

    I love that last picture! Going to use it as inspiration for my new apartment living room.

  21. loveisabella says:

    I love it! Love the mint green kitchen too!!

  22. cs23 says:

    that fridge…my god!

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