Jesse and I spent some time today with Brave, the sweetest, most gentle girl.  She’s one of Found Chicago’s adoptable dogs (someone please adopt this amazing girl and spoil her rotten).

Here is Brave’s story.


24 thoughts on “Brave

  1. procurrent says:

    So sweet! She looks so happy to be there!

  2. skezier says:

    Oh Bless her she is lovely! x

  3. Happy Pup – Here’s to Finding Your Forever Home!

  4. Emily says:

    She looks like a dog with a great sense of humor, hope she gets her new home soon!

  5. OH she’s adorable! Let us know if she gets adopted!

  6. Great name for a dog. I wonder, what her story was. I hope she’s found a family. Cheers!

  7. Hope she finds a good home, she looks lovely

  8. ontrendjewelry says:

    Reblogged this on ontrendjewelry and commented:
    If you are considering adding a new member to your family, please go to a shelter first. These animals make the most amazing pets. Also consider Special Needs animals. We adopted a blind cat and there is no extra work involved. We don’t even notice she is blind.

  9. How sweet! She looks like she is smiling in every one of your pictures :)

  10. missgiven says:

    She looks so happy!

  11. I just wanted you to know that I think it’s super-D-duper awesome that you’re raising awareness for these homeless pups!

  12. chezlah says:

    what a great face. she looks so sweet and full of character

  13. Jessica says:

    Thank you, Brave, for brightening up my Monday with your beautiful smile! And hats off to you, Sadie, for spreading the word about Brave’s need for a forever home! :)

  14. Caitlin Gath says:

    What a face!! Love it.

  15. You can tell when a dog is happy. This one is!

  16. ChefThomas says:

    siriously cute girl …. adorable !!

  17. suchisjoy says:

    I read Brave’s story and it’s great that you spent time with her. Way to go!

  18. jcgator1 says:

    Stories like this one breaks my heart. Dog’s are amazing creatures. It actually has been scientifically proven that dogs develop a connection with humans that no other creature in the animal kingdom can (and yes, this includes cats and even apes). When dogs are abused like this gorgeous dog here, it just baffles my mind. I do hope she finds a home. I am actually looking for a dog myself but since I live in an apartment, I have some restrictions imposed upon me by the landlord as far as breed is concerned. That and I live in Florida, lol. Otherwise, I would not hesitate to give this adorable dog a home.

  19. pattyabr says:

    what a great dog! love the pictures.

  20. Oh my word, if only I lived closer, Brave is exactly the type of dog I’d be rushing over to adopt. Maybe it’s just as well I can’t (my house would become completely overrun). Stunning dog. Holding paws for a good “forever” home.

  21. katherine says:

    Yay for rescue pets! And thank you for profiling one – what a great blog post!

    I have two rescue kitties, Amelia and Oscar, who are my sweethearts! I will always adopt shelter pets!

  22. […] Brave? Well, here is another of Found Chicago’s adoptable dogs-Toby. Toby was super friendly, had […]

  23. coastingnz says:

    love your dog blogs and all the photos. Each one took my breath away. Had to stop liking as I was liking everyone – and I do!

  24. 5mjlighmereapyr1986 says:

    Reblogged this on Kachilla Kadlecik Diary.

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