13 thoughts on “RED

  1. janet says:

    Love the cufflinks in #1, the entire look of #2 and wonder where the woman in #3 got my nail polish!! I only use it on my toenails, because I can’t keep nail polish on my fingernails for very long. Love the rings, too.

  2. totally agree the cufflinks are awesome so different.

  3. Emily says:

    Love that second photo… what a great window to sit and look out!

  4. What delightful cufflinks!

  5. Askmystyle says:

    Love the nails! Xo –

  6. kibster says:

    Those rings with the red nail polish are perfect!

  7. The rings are so pretty! Lovely post.

  8. Love the cuff links and handkerchief in the first pic.

  9. krayl funch says:

    Is that a red linen jacket. Love it

  10. Love the window seat…gives me a great idea for mine! Thank you!

  11. I love unique cuffs, and those rings are so pretty!

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