20 thoughts on “B&W

  1. what a cool idea (pic 3)….

  2. literarybean says:

    There’s something really simple, modern and wonderful about that kitchen : )

  3. Fun. I was expecting to see B&W pictures (as in pre-color days), but this works, too. :-)

  4. I wonder what is in that black cake!

  5. Susan says:

    Lovely collection of images. My favourite must be the black and white kitchen…gorgeous!

  6. LuckyPorcupine says:

    Um… how about that cake!

  7. D.R.Sokolowski says:

    Looks Great

  8. deesdialogue says:

    oooooh, I LOVE black and white :)

  9. opinionatedandcuriouskins says:

    Ah that looks like a Guinness Chocolate cake – great images.

  10. Emily says:

    I want that cake!

  11. Love the kitchen and polka dots in b/w will never be out of style! Nice composition…

  12. Haute Ahimsa says:

    LOVE that kitchen.

  13. Wow, omg that cake looks, literally, perfect. Like what I know and love to be a CHOCOLATE cake, when I picture one in my mind!

  14. ooothatsshiny says:

    these are great photos! love the contrasts, sleek and modern.

  15. Maylana says:

    oooh I want that black cake… Yum! Lovely clean lines in the black kitchen.

  16. xoxoseoul says:

    i want that kitchen… <3

  17. Meenakshi says:

    Oh that cake is just…to die for! And I love the B&w polka dots :) Very interesting snapshots of the classic b&w combo you have here!

  18. […] Guinness Chocolate Cake from hereĀ 2. Killer Cheese Spread from here (with more awesome cheese photos, so check it out) 3. Black and […]

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