Digging Dogs


24 thoughts on “Digging Dogs

  1. Mondrak says:

    The Great Escape lol

  2. Mark says:

    As a new dog owner I suppose this is something I’ll have to get use to.

    • Sadie Smith says:

      Depends on the dog! Dasie loves to dig anywhere, but Lily doesn’t really get what’s going on and usually just watches Dasie trying to figure out what she’s doing :)

  3. …trying to cool down?!

  4. If you found a treasure chest, please let me know….

  5. susank456 says:

    Looks like somebody needs a bath

  6. They are such wonderful photos of dogs in heaven. In our experience, it takes two dogs to dig a proper hole – one to do the digging and the other to check it’s being done right.

  7. Oh No – caught them in the act – ha! Happy Saturday:)

  8. jcgator1 says:

    Cute, lol. Good thing their are not apartment dogs lol.

  9. What a riot! My two dogs dig a little, but are not that accomplished.

  10. skezier says:

    Lol Daisy was def on a mission there…. x

  11. Lazy Larry says:

    We have two terriers who love to dig…especially under the wire fence… escape artists…

  12. instillari says:

    Do they dig under the fence and get out? These pics are so adorable.

  13. changeforbetterme says:

    thank goodness my dog doesn’t dig….I never really had one that did…..and I have had LOTS of dogs..guess I got lucky….lol

  14. squirrel circus says:

    I especially like the last picture. Seems like she’s saying, “Okay, so I just totally found this hole in the yard. Pretty cool, huh?”

  15. i half expect to see one your dogs to pop their head out of a hole with chinese take away. they are precious!

  16. Boomdeeadda says:

    A regular gardener that one! Love that 3rd picture. Cutie Pies.

  17. jayci3 says:

    Cute! My adopted black lab has found his perfect place right below the carport. Got up one morning to find dirt all over car so just backed it up a bit. He’s happy.

  18. chezlah says:

    that is so funny!! I bet that hole is nice and cool

  19. Jessica says:

    It’s so cool that you have a spot for your doggies so they can get out all their doggie energy and do what dogs are supposed to do! This apartment dweller is jealous! ;)

  20. bayleesworld says:

    I love this! We live near the beach and my dog Shai LOVES digging in sand wherever and whenever she can find it. (too bad our yard is full of the stuff)

    Great blog btw! Thanks for stopping by.

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