21 thoughts on “Wrapping

  1. supertucksmama says:

    So cute!

  2. beautystillremains says:

    Love these.

  3. Mondrak says:

    They’re fantastic

  4. Very imaginative and cute!

  5. Denise Mackenzie says:

    I love the newspaper one!

  6. se1girl says:

    Sudden urge to wrap a present, but have no reason to! Looks like someone will be getting a surprise present from me!:)

  7. tseparfait says:

    Love the polka dot one! Thanks for these wonderful inspirations!

  8. LA says:

    Reblogged this on Made in Annapolis and commented:
    Love these wrapping ideas!

  9. Fantastic! had to share on FB and Twitter!

  10. tinyinc says:

    love love love the middle one!

  11. Jill says:

    The pink polka dots on the plain brown paper really float my boat. And those calla lilies are to die for!

  12. Meenakshi says:

    Love the polka dots! So retro yet so minimalist!

  13. I love wrapping ideas! I’ve pinned so many. Last christmas I wrapped all my gifts with brown craft paper, and really splurged on bows and ribbon. It looked so pretty under the tree, and people loved the look. It was quite a surprise for them. I’m going to do the same idea this year, and have already started to collect little initial letters and ornaments for others.

  14. Erica Preo says:

    Really nice…and really distracts from thinking what the gift inside might actually be!

  15. pzdesigns says:

    Adorable! Wonderfully Creative!! ^_^

  16. I love the use of different recycled materials. So creative!

  17. so cute! it’s all about the packaging…

  18. monvik says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. i love your blog. that is so beautiful.

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