16 thoughts on “Purple

  1. LOVE the shoes and the office!

  2. paperportraiture says:

    last photo’s really pretty, unique ring on her finger, love to have one like that

  3. abuchon says:

    What a fabulous shoe!

  4. RosaLindaKilgore says:

    I’ve always seemed to fall in and out of love with purple. I either love it or hate it. Right now, I’m loving it!!

  5. I love the shoes and the color purple is great too!

  6. I love purple. I need that rug. It looks incredible paired with the black walls. Very dramatic.

  7. nadine sage says:

    sublime. we love the kick-ass stilettos.

  8. audrina1759 says:

    Beautiful! i like everything.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    That is a fabulous shoe!

  10. LOVE purple….wish those shoes where in my closet!

  11. Can I ‘double like’ this??? Oh yes I can! :)

  12. chezlah says:

    amaze balls shoes!!!

  13. writecrites says:

    I’d never wear them, but the shoe pic is gorgeous.

  14. […] is raised and looks almost stiff, even though it will feel soft and plush to the touch.  via SadieandDasie Now for how to wear your velvet?  With jeans, of course!  For that high/low glam but casz […]

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