22 thoughts on “Boots

  1. Ha, I was thinking cowboy boots! Guess you know which ones I have. :-)

  2. barbielaw06 says:

    Reblogged this on lifeoutsideoflaw and commented:
    Want. Except I’d waste them on my garden. So I’ll stick with my pink pair from Target.

  3. How can I not love the first photo?

  4. Loving the second look. It’s a ready for anything kind of outfit.

  5. This Boots are made for walking…. I have this boots for years and years – they are gorgeous!!!

  6. Erica Preo says:

    Gotta go with the first pair, not only because of the dog but also they’re all grubby. More likely to be me than the others!

  7. Stefanie W says:

    Love the second picture, that whole outfit is so cool.

  8. RosaLindaKilgore says:

    That top photo is great!!

  9. Was just looking for new boots this weekend and haven’t found the perfect pair, yet — these are fantastic

  10. Love these boots! I can’t work around the barnyard without them (and overalls – future post?) :D

  11. teenrants says:

    Boots are my absolute favorite thing IN THE WORLD. I would buy every pair I saw if I could.

  12. bulbtoblossom says:

    Love these!

  13. mommysorganics says:

    So cute! I want a pair.

  14. princessandthepin says:

    Love them!!! I love them even more in the last photo, with the dress!!

  15. Aah, Hunter boots, my daughter has 2 pair and loves, loves, loves them!

  16. shannmark says:

    love my Hunter boots

  17. Andrea says:

    Love boots, but that dog is adorable!

  18. isabellafellini says:

    Someone needs to explain to me why they are so expensive. :/ What am I missing?

  19. stylentonic says:

    all time classic! love them

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