11 thoughts on “Snake

  1. Love that dress and belt. Gorgeous!

  2. beautiful dress and a change from the leopard prints.

  3. thelookes says:

    Absolutely love this look! The combination is fantastic!!

  4. Andrea says:

    I usually hate snakes but I love it on that bag!!

  5. I’ve been tossing around the urge to try skinny jeans….maybe I should go “all in” and get snake print skinny jeans – those looks great with the over-sized white blouse for contrast!

  6. That belt kills me! Fabulous….

  7. Such a cool belt. Love all the gold details!

  8. Doan says:

    Great post!!! I was recently inspired by snake prints for the fall season as well!!! :)

  9. onflashon says:

    I love it! I snake print so much, I prefer it on top of all the other animals prints.

  10. bulbtoblossom says:

    That gold feather belt is perfection

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