Window Seats


18 thoughts on “Window Seats

  1. I would love love love to have a window seat

  2. bakergirl05 says:

    Looks so cozy. I want one.

  3. It doesn’t have to be built in – just place a loveseat or curvy style lounger under a window or in a corner to have your special haven to rest and read.

  4. As coveting is a sin I must now beg forgiveness…

  5. That last one is to die for, I just wish it was a little bigger to sprawl out in.

  6. artzent says:

    Great ideas and the photos rock. I hope to make one of these!

  7. if i had a window seat I’d never get up. maybe that’s why i don’t have one.

  8. Oh! I wish I had one of these seats! thks for sharing theses pics.

  9. jewelsforall says:

    I have always wanted a window seat! Someday…

  10. tribalfaerie says:

    So cute! I have always wanted one so I could sit and read in the sunlight. <3

  11. bysaramattar says:

    i designed somthing similar to my client two weeks back, have a look at

    i would love to hear your feedbacks,

    nice selection of images

  12. A window seat has been on my dream list since I was a little girl! Something about sitting in the sunlight, reading a book, but being able to fall asleep at any moment. Super cute.

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