Lily :)


14 thoughts on “Lily :)

  1. violetski says:


  2. sharonmreilly says:

    Irresistible !

  3. skezier says:

    Sadie that’s made my day :-) Thanks for posting it. I got a Lilly but mine is a choc lab ….. Is yours insane cus my girl is lol. Your Lilly has such kind eyes and give her a hug from me please Cris x

  4. crystalwayward says:

    Love that smile!

  5. Love all the pics, but OMG the first pic is hysterical.

  6. procurrent says:

    Beautiful dreamer!

  7. She looks like a very sweet dog, not to mention she’s CUTE!

  8. fascinationbyellesantos says:

    How cute! My favorite photo has to be the first one ih ih ih :)

  9. ideflex says:

    Nice to see another pup besides mine enjoying the comforts of bed!

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