16 thoughts on “Nails

  1. Have to laugh because my thoughts flew to hardware nails and I was wondering what the pictures would be. :-) What I like most is that these are nails that look beautiful but can work since they don’t stick out where they would break. I could have them!!

  2. barbielaw06 says:

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  3. Really like the gold nails!

  4. Have you tried Face Stockholm polish? They have the most amazing, unique colors and their metallics remind me of the first photo. I am completely addicted to it. The only issue is, it’s so hard to remove! Great post as usual.

  5. nadine sage says:

    Just got my nails done and am now kicking myself for not opening your blog prior to my appointment. Would have gone for a touch of gold!

  6. Where did you find that silver? It’s such a striking statement. Love.

  7. peachcordial says:

    I love Minx nails! I spied some cheap ones the other day, but since I work in a corporate environment, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to give them a go!

  8. Rhyann says:

    I love all of those nail colors. They are super edgy and cute!

  9. budgetboudoirs says:

    These are lush! Im a huge nail addict! If you are on facebook you should check out facebook/uniquenails.hc for bespoke and unususal nail art!

  10. LOVE the gold ones!!

  11. Candace says:

    I thought the first ones were silver! I love the rings she’s wearing, too!

  12. lovely, i like to top one the most (not sure whether it was silver or gold color), and yes the rings too…

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