Instagram Pups

*Reiley, thanks for letting me steal the Stella picture : )


10 thoughts on “Instagram Pups

  1. janet says:

    Have you read “Wallace”, the story of a pit bull who became a champion in disc competition (or whatever the actual name is)? I just finished it last night and really enjoyed it. It by the same author who wrote about Michael Vick’s dogs in “The Lost Dogs.” In fact, the couple in “Wallace” ended up with Hector, the oldest, I believe, of Vick’s dogs and who is now a therapy dog. Great stuff!! Love those pits! Have a wonderful weekend.

    • sundays and scarves says:

      I actually met Wallace a couple years ago for a disc event in Philly! Cherry (also a “Vicktory” dog) was there too; both were such sweeties. :) You can keep up with both of them on their FB pages; sadly Wallace is fighting cancer right now.

  2. Beautiful girls. Gotta read the book that Janet recommended. Thanks, Janet.

  3. Joana ID says:

    so cute *-* prettu in pink hehehe :)

  4. fascinationbyellesantos says:

    How cute!
    I’m very much in love with your furry friends :)

  5. artzent says:

    What adorable pictures of man and women’s best friend!

  6. Jessica says:

    Ok…your girls have convinced me to get an instagram account! ;)

  7. marsellaj says:

    How can you stand it? They are SO adorable?

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