Festive Pooches


10 thoughts on “Festive Pooches

  1. :-) For a good read about pits, try “Wallace”, a pit that became a champion at competitive Frisbee. “Oogy” is wonderful and heart-rending, about a dog they thought was a pit but wasn’t and almost died as a pup from being a bait dog. I recommend both. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think they ove hanging out together !

  3. Jessica says:

    So sweet! I adore those bandanas! Just out of curiosity, have you ever dressed up your girls in costumes during Halloween?

    • Sadie Smith says:

      We stick with fun accessories, the girls don’t seem to be amused by my desire to dress them according to the holiday :)

  4. These two have got to be the best friends EVER!!!!!

  5. Happy Pooches too – thanks for sharing! Happy Weekend!

  6. My two favorite girls!

  7. Marcela says:

    Omg, they are adorable:)

  8. I want them..send them here..I’ll pay for the shipping! They are beautiful :-)

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