Boot Socks

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9 thoughts on “Boot Socks

  1. Kathy says:

    Fun and cozy accessory. If I wore them in the 70’s can I wear them again?

  2. Very cute. Didn’t know there was such a thing!

  3. Hazel says:

    Are they a special type of sock or are they just thick knee high socks? It’s just I really like this look but don’t think I have the right socks to pull it off lol

  4. alligatortoe says:

    LOVE boot socks! Especially those top ones, which are actually boot cuffs, but who’s counting! Now, I just need to find a pattern so my grandma can crochet me a pair! ;)

  5. I love these but interestingly enough…. never knew what to call them! Lol! Boot socks… who would’ve thought! ;) Great post!

    xo, Kenya

  6. Jennwith2ns says:

    Is it actually “cool” now to wear socks higher than your boots? ‘Cause I started doing that but I didn’t know if it was just the worst faux pas ever . . .

  7. tidy_bubbles says:

    These are lovely! I’m currently learning how to knit and crochet and who knows? I just might end up making a pair or two of these :-)

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