Words of Wisdom

Break the HabitLifeWords of Wisdom


5 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. I like #1 a lot. One online group I’m in does a Thankful Thursday where anyone who wants lists things for which she’s thankful. Makes everyone feel much better!


    • J. King says:

      That’s a pretty fun and amazing thing to do. And indeed you guys are “breaking the habit” of whining. It’s great to get to the habit of being thankful and joyful all the time. I’d like to learn that as well :)

  2. alligatortoe says:

    Love the Betty White quote – it’s a good reminder to live and let live :)

  3. marsellaj says:

    We need more Betty Whites in the world.

  4. kittyfraise says:

    A reblogu√© ceci sur In The Mood For… and commented:

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