Flat Black

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8 thoughts on “Flat Black

  1. Looks great in these photos, but I think the room has to have a lot of natural light to accommodate dark walls.

  2. Amazing how good it looks. Would never have thought it

  3. Yeah that is nice. Much nicer than those glossy black walls my friends had in university!

  4. Tiffany F. says:

    You definitely need LARGE windows and mirrors in that room to be able to pull it off! Gorgeous

  5. i’m not brave enough to paint my walls flat black [shows too many imperfections], but, i have used flat & satin black for contrast on french doors, benches, accessories, etc.

  6. amandagay says:

    As @Kim24/7inFrance says, you can do anything when you’ve got a lot of natural light. Windows are everything! I love that baby’s room – who *couldn’t* sleep through the night in there?

  7. LuckyPorcupine says:

    thinking about painting my new apartment bathroom in the black! thanks for the inspiration.

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