Wood Ceilings

Ryan Street & Associates Houzz Decor de Provence


8 thoughts on “Wood Ceilings

  1. When a home has interesting architectural details, there’s less decorating to do. Speaks to the lazy in me.

  2. I think it feels closed in when the roof and the floor are both timber

  3. Wood ceilings can turn an average room into a knockout. We put in wood ceilings in our last house in the living room and it went from cold to cozy. Great photos.

  4. Those are so me! Makes me feel good just to look at them.


  5. I love wood ceilings… even a few old/or made to look old timbers on the ceiling adds a whole new dimension! We did a bead-board ceiling painted white in the ‘powder room’ and the texture is awesome! I vote YAY!

  6. cutenippon says:

    Wood ceilings are my absolute favorite. When I was looking for a house I looked for wood beams and what not.

  7. Those are some beautiful piece, Like it.

  8. Lover of wood ceilings – adds the unexpected to design:)

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