Today’s giveaway is from Frosty Pawsfour lucky winners will receive a Frosty Paws themed summer travel pack, which includes an insulated backpack, a water bottle for your pup, a pop-up treat bowl, an insulated food container, and a plastic bone filled with doggy waste bags, as well as one Frosty Paws frozen snacks VIP coupon [Total ARV $64.99]. Dasie and Lily can’t wait to use their new backpack this week for their beach vacation :) Dasie & Lily :)Lily Approves!:)Frosty Paws Getaway Bag

To enter, just leave a comment telling us for what kind of adventure you and your pup would use the Frosty Paws Getaway Bag. (The winners will be chosen randomly tomorrow, July 2nd. Since Frosty Paws treats are only available in the United States, this giveaway is limited to people with a US mailing address)


This Giveaway is now closed, the four lucky winners were just emailed-so check your inboxes :)



  1. My dog Jeff and I would use the Frosty Paws Getaway Bag for hiking trips and weekend road trips. It would be so convenient for Jeff to have his very own stuff for traveling.

  2. So sad that I cannot join in these giveaways from South Africa.

  3. colonialist says:

    Yeah, I also have this slight technical difficulty on address. It has the SA, but it is ‘U’s-less!
    I would, of course, use it on the beach to extend our range.

  4. Viola (chocolab), Phoebe (yellow lab), Bai Bai (All-American Mixed Up Mutt), Sophia (Jackahuahua) and Roc (our foster chihuahua) would use the Frosty Paws back pack and treats for a nice pic-a-nic by the lake and then make all the other dogs jealous at the dog park! We’ve got a lot of dogs and doggie guests and it would be great if they could carry their own stuff instead of me!

  5. Flora Poste says:

    Well, Charley Dog would like to use that stylish backpack (she is juuust a little vain and likes everything to be pretty) when exploring her new neighborhood when walking and hiking.And than she does not have to be embarrassed anymore by moms scruffy one;0)
    She just moved house with her mom and dad: it was their 12th and only her 4th move.
    Though she thinks, that Daisie and Lily look very fashionable on that beautiful couch posing with that desirable backpack!
    Cheers, Johanna

  6. Well lookie here! You two visited my place so I hopped on over to see you, and you’re having a GIVEAWAY!!!! Sweet!

    And you don’t know me, BUT, one of my favorite things to do is go to the beach. And run along the ocean. Then, I run along the Sound to check out the calmer side of life. Then, I dig a hole or two. Then, I chase the seagulls and little crabby things. Then, I eat a big meal and snooze for a while. Now imagine me doing all this with a summer travel pack! Yep. That’s what I’d do. Sport to new places and old haunts with a handy dandy travel pack.

    The peeps were talking about Frosty Paws just last week! No kidding! It gets so hot here, that I hate to take walks being black and all. So, the peep said, “I think you need some Frosty Paws Stuart.”

    To tell you the truth, if I had the pleasure of winning your summer travel pack, I’d be way more organized than I am now. It would really help the peeps pack my stuff when We all go trips and short adventures.

    Thanks you guys. In any event, it’s nice to meet you both. Thanks for visiting my place.

    ArOOOOOOO! Stuart

  7. pastelhell says:

    I’d give this to my mom! She and our family dog Lola are connected at the hip. They go shopping together, hiking, everything! They would have amazing adventures

  8. tina engressia says:

    Well, if Bunny were to win this fine Frosty Paw bag the first thing we would do is fill it up with some grub and hitch hike our way down to Mexico. We would camp out and howl at the moon and eat barbecued ribs. We would probably make friends with some coyotes too.

    But I just realized that we live in Ireland so logistically hitch hiking to Mexico probably wont work out.

    But still a girl and a dog can dream :)

  9. Jennwith2ns says:

    My hubby and I and the dogs hiked most of a mountain in the Appalachian Trail last September. This would be GREAT for round two!

  10. I love the top photo! Those expressions are priceless!

  11. Lisa Carr says:

    Trekking along the lake in the Pocono Mountains.

  12. nutmeg237 says:

    My new english lab pup “Miss Dixie” and I would take this backpack on a trip to the beach, and kayak adventure. What a great way to pack all her treats and necessities, as everyday is an adventure with her as we go out to meet other dogs and people !

  13. Cathy E says:

    My dogs would love to snack on these after a long morning walk on the trails exploring!

  14. Dixon and I would use this when we travel to the mountains to hike. He gets thirsty and hungry when we are hiking so he would love me taking breaks to stop and give her a treat and some water.

  15. saplingvegan says:

    Harry, Lady, and I are always in need of solid outting supplies! I currently carry there stuff in the same backpack as my stuff and it gets a bit messy…I carry a rectangular tupperware for their water. A folding water pouch and clip on poopbag would be so nice for trips in the car and to the park!

  16. Lisa G says:

    I would take my Husky on a road trip because he loves going with me in the car, then off to the trails to walk and let him sniff and lead the way to whatever his nose wants to bring us. He can walk and walk so this would be great for those hot humid days.

  17. ellen beck says:

    Odin and I would go for longer hikes here in the parks! He is an all black dog with just a tad bit of white and I am always concerned about him overheating. This would be great!

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