Snickers Cake Snickers Brownie Bites Snickers Bars


6 thoughts on “Snickers

  1. It’s just not attainable for me to choose whether i lust more over snickers or s’mores. It’s a tie.

  2. laurasmess says:

    YUM! This photo assembly has pretty much got me drooling for chocolate at 8.00am!!! xx

  3. jodimonroeonline says:

    Reblogged this on jodimonroeonline and commented:
    I grew up eating Snickers. I can remember sitting in the front seat of my Dad’s farm truck eating the chocolate bar with nuts and carmel while sipping on a Cola Cola, from the bottle. I loved doing that. Now at nearly fifty years old, a time when I can well afford a candy bar and coke-I wouldn’t dare eat or sip because I might gain a few pounds or it’s just not good for my health. Geeze how times change. Happy Weekend, grab and apple-crunch, crunch.

  4. Mouth watering, tummy rumbling…

  5. cake and picture is fantastic ;)

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