Vaulted Ceilings

Jessica Comingore Home Bunch Sarah Richardson Design


7 thoughts on “Vaulted Ceilings

  1. Kathy says:


  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    The last pic is Sarah Richardson, she’s Canadian and the whole house is featured here (if you wanted to see it) It was one of my favourites

  3. Do prefer to see the beams whitewashed, so fresh.

  4. cindy bechtold says:

    Meme and Pappy were ahead of their time!!

  5. wow … love love love!

  6. thepgk1 says:

    I love vaulted ceilings too but apparently they create bad chi. True or false?

  7. Adam P. says:

    The ceilings are gorgeous. I am a big fan of minimalism at home, and this is one of those interior design elements that help create more space and openness. The white colour and lots of natural lighting just add to the roominess. The first picture is, however, a bit too bright for my taste, I like adding shades when aiming at monochromatic coloured room. I find it helps add a bit of depth, making it possible even for smaller areas to appear more spacious.

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